A 12 hour Jolly Ride


Well my hoe story, I was not schooling in Nigeria then. One day I came back from a nearby shop feeling so horny, my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship which sucked because I need dick in my life.

Anyway I had been seeing this guy around my school and he has a nice body and I wanted to fuck him!

He invited me for my pool party but I was too drunk to fuck.

Anyway after a few months I called him for drinks at a bar nearby,he bought some bottles, we drank and talked and went back to my place. I was so drunk but also very horny, I started to strip then went to take a shower and we decided to watch a movie.

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Next thing he was playing with my nipples and I was getting so turned on, only for me to see his 🍆 was so big and thick. I gave him a blowjob and he couldn’t wait, he just wanted the pussy and we fucked till morning. I didn’t know I was that horny for me to last that long, lol.

Anyway I never saw him again.


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