A Virgin that rides like a Pornst@r


So I had this babe like this she had mad ass and she had this cute pity face she crushed on me sha she told me and we agreed to  hook up. She came over and things went down first, I offered to eat her pv$$y but she was shy and was like ewwww but when I started she didn’t even know what ewwww was. She was so surprised from there she gave me some crazy BJ not those ones that they’d be scratching ur d!¢k with their teeth sha before u now she wanted head again so we changed to 69 then later on she was ready to fv¢k but I just noticed she was a virgin and disvirging wasn’t my thing and I read if u want to disvirgin a babe she has to go on her pace omo konji hook me kpa I no fit resist am.

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I just told her the secret behind disvirging so she said OK then she claimed me still with slippery d!¢k and was going slowly she was pained and whimpering  na so I just vex help the girl push am inside she screamed she had to endure the pain for like 2 minutes resting before u know this girl just started riding me like a damn p0rnst@r. I told her sha. we couldn’t finish sha. I didn’t come quick and she was late and she had to go.





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