This thick ass girl has been forming had to get. Like really hard, as she decided to come over and cook for me yesterday, I knew I had to sign with white ink. While she was in the kitchen cooking, I started playing some slow songs and turned up the sound system. Well, she was ok with some slow dancing and grinding. Sir Johnny begin nod inside trouser and babe was like “no o, we are eating rice today not cassava”
She kept resisting until I kissed her neck. Jackpot like correct BetNaija game code.
I just off gas and moved her to the bedroom. We kissed a bit and then I took of her jean and panties. Babe be like Lekki for raining season. Everywhere was flooded.

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I had to hold her legs apart to avoid being suffocated. 15mins and a climax from her later, it was time to seal the deal. Shorts was already off and dick was raging hard. I plunged in and it felt awesome.
Babe was just shouting “kill me please, baby kill me”
Lol. U go reach una house before u die biko. Turned her over to smash that fat ass from behind. Came within minutes!
We took a lil break, ate and continued. Cowgirl style while I had my hands on that ass. My waist felt like it would snap from her bouncing up and down like tennis ball. We had to switch to doggy again and this time, there was no rush. Pulled out and came all over that big yansh before colkapso on the bed.
Dunno if it was the big ass or the food but I was ready again in a little while.

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Babe just stood up, collected her paynt and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. When she came out, she said bros, when I said kill me, I didn’t mean it like that.

She has refused to pick my call since yesterday.

I want that big ass back 😭😭😭

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