My Babe Betrayed Me And I Nailed Her Friend As Payback


My hoe story goes thus:

A few years ago when I was still in secondary school, I had a Benin girlfriend who had this crazy ass…but I was in love and never brought up the idea of sex because I was treating her special only for me to find out she was fucking someone else on a steady.

I got so angry and decided to pay back. She had a friend who I was always talking to so on this faithful day I was talking to her behind our dining hall, complaining to her about how man has been horny and because of love man did not fuck; the next thing I heard was, “What about now?”

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I swear I did not even think I just went in for the target; her head game was 💯! She had a perfectly placed, not too small, boobs and her ass was awesome. After receiving head I went in straight for the sex, no time for me to retaliate the awesome head, I just stuck my dick inside her warm, wet pussy and the sex was awesome.

Only sad part was that it did not last long but we kept on having sex dates for a few years.

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