The Best Dick I Ever Had and It Almost Wrecked Me!


Here goes my hoe story…

On Wednesday, I went to Unilag to see a guy. I had to lie that I was going to see one of my female friends to leave the house. Afterwards I asked for his phone to watch porn, the shii was intense; he started caressing my ass and we started kissing. I didn’t waste time, I quickly took off my clothes but he said I was too fast🤷🏽 

Some time later in his room, he and I were waiting for his roommate to leave. Eventually I went down on that dick, slowly at first before bouncing really fast. Then he switched over and, damn! damn!, those strokes were glorious😋💦. He started pounding me faster 💨and harder, OMG!, it was too much to handle🙆🏽. That dick was my best.

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I went on my knees and took it in my mouth, at first it was too big to fit it but after struggling I got it deep throat✌🏽🙄. He then turned me over to fuck me doggy style, that shit is painful tho😔😭, but he was pounding me like it was his last fuck. It was maddening, I was also moaning and screaming his name. We kept switching positions, trying all styles; he used 3 condums, I don’t know if that’s something 🤷🏽 but the sex was mind-blowing.

I dressed up because I had to be home before 3pm but I didn’t let him dress up tho, I went on my knees again and licked that dick like it was my favorite ice cream dripping. It was beautiful💦, he turned me over to fuck me doggy style again but I was dressed and I refused to take off my clothes { thank God🙌🏽}.


That dick was the shit tho, my thighs just stopped aching this morning but my throat is still sore from the deep throating and swallowing.

I was ecstatic!💁🏽

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