Back in school, i had this roomie (we weren’t really close). He liked to party, he was a ladies man and all but he had this “good girl” with mad boobs and a “booty that was made to worship” that he was talking to, you know, he was tryna make his girl. I knew the babe cos of him, we even said our “hi(s)” whenever we met randomly on campus she always gave me this look that usually unsettled me.

So sha one day he told me he was inviting her over and that they would be inside the room that I should chill in the parlor, I said ok na anything for a G. Ff. She came over the next afternoon, we already had two joints, rolling up the third when she came in. She was excited at the sight of our jonze and started talking about how she wanted to try one that she had never tried it and stuff that we should show her the way, my guy was happy men, me I was kinda scared o, I no want make pesin pikin head knock for my house o, I was reluctant to share but my guy was giving me that ” guy Abeg no fall my hand look” so I gave in. We started doing puff puff pass, that’s how Aunty started to whisper in my guys ears, next thing dem don enter room, that’s how I started to hear sound track o, mehn her moans where just as I fantasized, my bros was at attention at this point.

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After like 15 mins the room was quiet. I was already so hard I just got up to get water from the kitchen (we stayed in a self contain btw). As I came out of the kitchen, I saw the babe in the parlor, she said she has been waiting for me, I said why, she said “come on I know you heard me moan, that was for you” . My bros just got harder, I couldn’t even hide it, she noticed and just walked up to me, pulled her skirt up and said I should do. Omo without hesitation I just bent her over our small cushion chair and started to pound away, men I couldn’t believe my luck, at this point my guy was asleep, passed out even in the room.


We did two rounds and then she went back to sleep besides my guy. When they woke up, we went to get chow. My guy didn’t know anything. She used to come around lowkey when I was home alone for the d. My guy never knew till we left school. That’s how I started getting regular knack on a low from a “good girl”.

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