Car Sex


My first hoe story, I am so excited. Okay so, here goes:

He came for his clearance seeing as convocation was soon. We had already planned for me to collect an exeat from school and then we both would head over to Eden (the best hotel in ota) together. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I was unable to get the exeat form and I couldn’t even go out. Luckily for us, we had a plan b, and that was for me to come out of my hostel by 8pm to the place he always parked his car anytime he came to see me. It wasn’t a secluded place because students usually used the route, and it was right under a tree, but it was a place nonetheless. As soon as I got into his car, he turned up the volume of the music and bright side is, he is a DJ so he had a good sense of music. He switched on the AC, added weed to his vape and steamed it up. When it was ‘fully cooked’, I took a few puffs and he had the rest. We were having a good time, we were talking, laughing and enjoying each others’ company. And this carried on until he casually placed his palm on my boobs. His warm masculine palm. I really liked it and I watched him lift up my top gently and find his way to my nipple with his mouth. Good thing I listened when he told me to come out with a skirt.

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So everything was charged up and my hands “accidentally” slipped down there. I started playing with his dick and then went down on it slowly. In no time, we adjusted the seat. I really do not how we got to the back seat, but dude was really smart and threw a pillow on the seat. We are both tall, so it felt awkward initially. Anyways, I laid down facing up and he thrust his dick inside of me, it felt heavenly. On the side note, sex with tension and fear is the best, some adventure type of shit. He came on my tummy. After a first successful round, we went back to the front seats and continued enjoying our time together. In no time, we got to the back again and this time we were ‘spooning’. My goodness, it felt so good. However, this time around, the car was moving and I knew people knew what was happening because a number of people saw me enter the car. But I really didn’t care what they thought.  The fear, this time around, was that of the security man showing up and this just made it all the more interesting for me, it was something I could scratch off my bucket list. Well, thankfully, he is bringing me the ‘morning after pill’ tomorrow. We went to get some food, and he dropped me back off at my hostel. So yeah guys, this is my first hoe story AND my first car sex.

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