Charged Up For My IG Crush


I met the girl on Instagram and we connected right away. By the time the exam period rolled around, we have ourselves space and stopped talking for a while. After exam, we planned on seeing each other but she didn’t show up. During the holidays, when boredom was the order of the day, we re-connected. We loved talking to each other so much, we became attached. We started playing games over the phone, such as truth or dare, and I got the chance to ask her different dares. I had seen it all, and she was beautiful. I kept talking to her because I really wanted to see her and fuck her but my house was far away from hers. It was December so we had to wait till January, when school resumed. We never talked about love so I thought she was going to sly me, when we resumed, we didn’t talk as much anymore and she kept postponing the dates we were to see. I called her out on it and she finally obliged. The first night she came over to see me, she looked completely different so I wasn’t as interested anymore. I hit her up again, remembering our old times, we saw in a public place and I couldn’t control myself, I grabbed her and kissed her uncontrollably. We had to move to a more private place but she stopped me, insisting that she had to leave. We kept seeing each other regularly, and I made sure I advanced further with the romance. We made out a number of times, she would give me head and the best I could do was finger her. Until she said she was not comfortable with us being sexual in public, that a secure place would be better. I had to talk to my friend to get him to use his place, and he agreed. I assured her that she would be safe and I wouldn’t do anything she doesn’t want. I called her and gave her the address to my friends’ place. At first, she was shy because other people were there but I managed to convince her to move into into the room.


When she started talking, I grabbed her to kiss her and we kept kissing for thirty minutes. I kept biting her neck and playing with her breasts. I continued kissing her uncontrollably, sucking her nipples, grabbing and squeezing her ass and she was moaning uncontrollably. I pulled down her trousers and started fingering her pussy, she couldn’t hold it anymore so she grabbed my dick and was all over me. I had told her beforehand not to touch my belly button or nipple because I get really turned on when that happens. She went for it and I was charged up, I jumped on her like I was crazy and fucked her for at least thirty minutes and then I came. We took a break, and started talking and laughing together. I saw in her her eyes that she wanted more so I dragged her closer and this time while we were fucking, she kept playing with my nipples. I really went mad, I wouldn’t leave her for hours, I just kept fucking her. She got tired and wanted to leave, so as she stood up to leave, I dragged her back and we continued fucking till she ran out. My friend asked how it was, and I just laughed and helped her with her bag. She said to me that she would never play with my nipples during sex anymore.

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