Childhood Memories


This hoe story is between my childhood friend and I. We didn’t keep in touch for quite some time, however, I got a call from her towards the end of last year. We used to have a lot of late night conversations and we used to sext a lot. On a certain day, she called me and indicated she wanted to see me right away. I informed her I wasn’t home and that was when she asked for me to go over to her place. I got there, she gave me some food to eat. After eating, I asked her why she wanted to see me and she mentioned that it was something we had to discuss in her room. We got into the room, she locked the door and hid the key. At this point, I started to get really scared and asked her what was wrong. She told me to relax and that she is feeling quite hot and she would love to take a shower. I got comfortable on her bed while waiting for her. Surprisingly, she came out naked. I couldn’t stop staring at her and smiling. I got an erection instantly because she has the body of a goddess, she noticed this and joined me on the bed, naked. She then asked me to help dry her body off with a towel, I obliged instantly and then I started playing with her nipples. I noticed that her nipples were already hard, which I loved so much. I found my way to her pussy and I started playing with her clit. We did 69 and we both came from doing this. We ended up having sex, doing different positions and exploring each others’ bodies. I made her scream my name so loud that I am sure her neighbours would have heard us. I fucked her real good for quite some time and she loved it. She told me nobody had ever fucked her the way I fucked her. Since then, we have been fucking at least twice a week. She has a boyfriend though. It is completely and totally fun fucking my childhood friend.

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