Chop and Clean Mouth


There was this girl my friend hooked me up with, however, she lived in Abuja and I lived in Lagos. That certainly didn’t discourage me because she sounded nice, and even though in the grand scheme of things she wasn’t so pretty, I still liked what I saw. We kept talking, keep in mind I had a girlfriend at the time but I just wanted to ‘clean mouth’ this girl.

So the one day, I had my girlfriend over and we were having a good time when all of a sudden, my phone rang and it was the babe from Abuja. I gave a flimsy excuse to my girl and went away to answer the call, only for the babe to tell me that she was outside my gate. For obvious reasons, my girlfriend couldn’t know about this babe and luckily for me, I had a good friend of mine over and I told him what was going on. As a good friend, he told me that he would distract my girlfriend, while I took this babe to another room. It sounded like an amazing plan, so that was what we did. I put the babe in a room downstairs while my friend lied to my girlfriend that I went to buy diesel for the generator.

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At a point, I was shuffling myself back and forth between my girlfriend and this babe until my girlfriend left, I managed to survive it. As a reward to myself, this babe and I fucked for about one hour and then she told me that she needed to get to the mall to get a couple of things and she was going to be back. My sex game wasn’t great at the time we fucked but my dick isn’t small. To my surprise, she came back. And that was when I fucked her so hard. We fucked for quite a while and then she had to go back to her hotel.  I got what I wanted, I ‘cleaned mouth’.  So that’s it, my hoe story.


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