I’m Sandra; 20 years old. Here’s my hoe story.

Home alone on a Sunday evening, a guy I’d been texting asked if he could come over; I said yes because I felt lonely. He came with his laptop and we watched a couple of movies. However it got boring so I slept off. We were lying beside each other when I felt his face close to mine. He began kissing me, and I did the same.

Before long I was already wet. He noticed this and slowly found his way into my sweat pants. His fingers in me felt so good! I took off my shirt and he unfastened my bra, his cold trembling hands caressing my hard nipples— I couldn’t wait for him to put his dick in my already wet pussy.

ALSO READ THIS:  I felt my pussy cream dropping down my pant.

I held his huge dick in my tiny hands and started with a handjob but then he stood up and asked for a blowjob. He kept moaning as held my hair to control my movement; I can say from his reaction that it felt good. He responded in kind by eating me out. I could barely wait to feel him inside me; so when he entered, I was already quivering like his penis.

And that was how I went from being lonely to giving a blowjob and then fucking all night long; Literally.

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