This is my story😩

When I moved into my apartment, I met a woman that was extra-nice (you know, giving deep glances and being chatty) who lived close. Because she was married and had kids, I didn’t think too much about it.

One Saturday, my generator was turned on and I was naked relaxing in my living room (power outage; no thanks NEPA😧). I heard someone knock on the door and before I could react, peer into the room. Well, it was her. And she saw me naked— unfortunately, my dick gets excited at random times. You get the picture?

I put on some clothes and let her in. She said she wanted to charge her phone, and leered at me because according to her; she liked what she saw and so I shouldn’t have put on clothes.

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I just smiled.

She collected her phone when it charged, and the day passed without incident. A few days later, she showed up claiming the weather was unbearably hot. According to her, she wanted to chill. She insisted that I shut the door, so I did.

Immediately, she pulled up her skirt and began to finger herself. My brain froze and the little guy began his ascent. She saw the strain in my joggers, then moved to me and yanked my clothes off. The head which followed was ahhhh!!!!! (I think I’m getting hard now😁)

It took me to La La Land and back. Mad technique! I had to act quick before I nutted— so I began to fuck, missionary.
I was still thrusting when she made up switch. She rode me like I was a donkey, and I could feel my dick twitch as she did.


Flipped her over and continued, doggy style. Damn! She was too sweet, and the angle made her already huge ass look better. I was still sliding in and out when I heard a knock on my door.

My preek went limp😩

Turns out it was a little child from another compound who wanted to charge his uncles phone. I still went back inside and resumed in no time. What’s my own😂

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