It all started when my friend and I wanted to go out for drinks. We went to a club instead. At the club, we met her neighbour. Let’s call him D. He was handsome, tall, huge, had his own money.. my type of guy. I thought he looked really familiar and then it hit me, he used to fuck a long time friend of mine. I felt guilty that I wanted his dick in my pussy but not guilty enough to not go through with it. This man was so hot and he liked me too. He told me how he loves my skin colour, how hot I looked, how he wanted to spoilt me. My pussy was already ready for him. I wanted him to murder my pussy. I wanted him to grab me and ask me who my pussy belonged to. I wanted him inside of me so bad. I had to go pee and he offered to follow me. When we got to the washroom, he grabbed me, slid my panties to the side and then inserted his finger into my pussy. He smelt it and that turned him on even more. I anticipated was what going to happen. He bent me over, grabbed my butt cheeks and slid the entirety of his tongue into my pussy. He was swirling his tongue around and I was moaning my lungs out. I didn’t care who heard me and he loved how he was making me feel. He started sucking my clit from behind and then removed his dick from his pants. Trust me, the sight of it alone got me even more wet. It was just what I needed. He slid his dick in gently and it fitted so perfectly in my pussy. Oh my, typing it right now I am even more horny. Anyways, we went home together and fucked from night till dawn. At the break of dawn, we fucked again till the late afternoon. I went home with blisters on my pussy, and that was on Friday. I am meeting him tomorrow again, can’t wait to get dick-matized.

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