Dine and Dash


My sister’s friend always followed my sister back to our house after church mass every Sunday. She had always been giving me the green light but when I asked my sister about her, she told me not to even try anything with the babe because she has a boyfriend and people are already aware of the fact that they are going to get married. To be honest, hearing this information made me stop trying to fuck her. She came over again on another Sunday, my sister went to have her bath, leaving both the babe and I alone in the living room. While I was playing my game, she kept staring at me the entire time. I asked her to come join me and she did. I taught her the basics of how to control the pads and while I was teaching her, she kept touching me and kept saying, “You are funny, I can’t play it.” I knew she only wanted sex but we couldn’t have sex because my sister was around. So I asked her for her number, promising to call her whenever I am home alone. I called her three days later, I was home alone and she came over. I took her to my room and she liked how it was. I didn’t rush her at all. i allowed her watch movies on my laptop and I offered her a drink. I thought of a trick due to the fact that she is really shy, I asked her if she wanted me to drink the malt from her mouth. That’s was when we had our first kiss. A few days later, she invited me over to her house when her parents were out. While I was there, her boyfriend came over. She quickly hid me in the guest room. I had promised myself once before that I would never have anything to do with a girl thats’ already dating but honestly, they are the best, no stress at all, no drama and you already know what they want. Anyways, I think she and her boyfriend had sex because I heard the guy moaning. For three hours, I was hiding so when he finally left, I was extremely happy. I started to get ready to leave but she asked me, “are we not going to do anything?” I was quite shocked she even asked that but I didn’t care, I fucked her. However, since that time, I have not called her or allowed her near me again. I kept thinking about the fact that what if I was that guy, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to cheat on me, so I simply told her that I wasn’t interested anymore.

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