#AHoeStory 👙 – I was staying in my family friends house for summer, it’s a big house so some of their family members were there as well. So they had this cousin, she wasn’t really pretty but she knew how to shake ass, she has tall long legs like *”if you wanna cum and she raps it round your waist, you definitely going to be a father because you won’t escape”*. Lets call her Long Legs. Long Legs have been giving me looks since I got there and I was looking back. So one night we were watching a movie everyone was upstairs asleep except us. We started doing lovers play e.g. *”why did you touch my chest I’m gonna have to touch yours” “what are you doing? What does it look like I’m doing😌* dat kind tin. That’s how my hand went under her shirt, she wasn’t wearing bra. Hand went under my shorts, I wasn’t wearing boxers🙂. I was hard and standing like a MF. We started kissing, she was jerking me off I was playing guitar with her kitty lol She was dripping like a broken tap. Long story short my ship entered port, that was my first time so in a minute I was about to bust. That’s how we heard footsteps, someone was coming down the stairs so we both froze on the couch.


I was still inside her and I was about to nut I couldn’t pull out without alerting the intruder (we were on all those leather couches that makes noise when you move), so I was trying to think about disgusting thing’s to turn myself off, omo switch no one off, I just dey reason; *”Na so my life go just finish?….. my parents would kill me… can I be a father?* Omo I just decided, it’s better to be caught than to be a pop, that’s how I throway Long Legs commot. As I did that I just started releasing making sound like a lil bitch that’s how the intruder heard my sounds of ecstasy and started matching towards the sitting room where we were, I was like *Sha at least I had sex before I died* so as the intruder arrived I was about to start shedding croc tears just for me to find out it was Long legs little cousin….he was just 7. So we lied to him that we were dancing and I slipped on water(😉) and I hit my leg that’s why I was moaning. Baba didn’t even care he just went back up to sleep.

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