Family Friends, with Benefits


I followed my Dad to his friend’s house whom I had never met before. While I was in the sitting room alone watching TV, my dad was with his friend upstairs, and I was so tired that I fell asleep in the sitting room.

Someone tapped me and I woke up to see a beautiful girl, we exchanged greetings and she told me that it’s obvious I’m very tired. I agreed and we started talking but not for long because, unfortunately, I had to go home. However, I collected her number before going home.

So later that night, we started talking and we became really free with each other. We kept on talking for like a week and on a Sunday I followed my Dad again to his friend’s house (the girl’s house). After we got there and my Dad went upstairs, I and the babe started talking for long and the topic became sexual. Then she sent me a message on whatsapp while we were together, that there is a room by the corner and I suggested we go check it out. She went first and waited till I got there.

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Immediately we started kissing and making out, I went down to her pussy and she was fucking wet already. She unbuckled my belt and sucked me to the max, then I pushed her to the bed started licking her pussy. She just kept on cumming and cumming! I finally slid my Dick in and she was lost, she could not shout because of the people around, we fucked till I came all over her. I just dressed up and left her there to clean herself up and when she was done she came to meet me in the sitting room. We kept on talking till my dad came down and we went home.

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Since that day, we have had sex so many other times, both inside and outside the house!


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