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Family Ties


There is this lady that my friend was fucking, big ass and boobs, learned and cute af.

The first day we saw I told myself I was gonna make her beg for the D 🍆…but that same day, aunty family-zoned me and started calling me cousin. In my mind, I was thinking, “what is family for? 🤷🏽‍♂ . I will still take my shot.”

So ‘cousin’ decided to give me her friend who is also a lawyer because mans so hot 🔥. So I got ‘cousin’ contact and her friend’s as well. One day I was bored,  coincidentally ‘cousin’ hit me up because she was bored to so we headed out to ICM. I got her a few drinks,  apparently ‘cousin’ is light headed 😉. We got to the movies and I was stuffing her up with popcorn, next thing ‘cousin’ kissed me and grabbed the D 😳. As a sharp guy, I responded, we kissed and made out in the cinema🤦♂.

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Later ‘cousin’ came over and I fucked the shit out of her, I didn’t know where I found the energy. She begged me to fuck her because I teased her clit to submission.

Mission accomplished!

I still kept in touch with her friend bequeathed to me and I fucked that one too. Now  ‘cousin’ wants to give me her single sister, she said I can take care of her.

What are families for 🤷🏽‍♂


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