So as a final year student in my school it is an added advantage in getting knacks especially with newbies in school. I met this 100level girl, facially just there but man her body was 🔥 🤤. I didn’t really think it would work but turned out she was looking for just knacks especially with someone in higher level, bragging rights or something, I sha invited her to my place outside campus, girl didn’t even hesitate, roommates were around​ but as guys they gave us space. I thought I was eager but the girl shocked me, without wasting time girl got down on her knees & started sucking the life out of me 🍆💦 I’ve gotten head before but man the girl has skills, man was just shaking like I was convulsing, she worked the shaft, milked the head & shit she even sucked my balls like head game was 💯.

When I came I legit saw stars but I was shocked like chill girl is in her 1st year how is she this good, she said its not by age or level that she’s show me & she sure did. The sex was crazy, girl wanted me to go raw sef but after that mad head from such a shockingly experienced young chick I was like nah who knows where she’s been. I can’t take any risk not matter how good.

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She off cloth & damn that body was the truth, perky full breast & a sweet ass, i just gave up & let her take charge. She went on top and I was just choking on breast like I had never sucked before while she was pounding away making man feel things he never has before, honestly it didn’t take too long before I came again say 15mins tops that’s how good she was. We took a break cos I was worked out the girl is just a killer.

Round two and she asked for doggy apparently it was her fav, so at least I had control now, smashed away like there was no tomorrow as I had to redeem myself & girl gave encouragement with her moans, it was so good it was like I was getting harder & harder with each one, I knew my guys had to have heard it but I didn’t care, I just wanted to repay her the good she did for me & at last she came & not too long after I did too. It was freaking good & that’s how me & her meetings started with no deep attachments. Finals have been great cos of her. Sorry for the length.

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