My ex-girlfriend and I enjoyed great sex and she loved to do almost anything, but she would always refuse my requests to fuck her in the ass. One hot evening she was prescribed antibiotics, which interfered with her pill, so I couldn’t fuck her without a condom. One evening we didn’t have any condoms, so we got down to a bit of romancing . We were in the 69 position with my missus taking my cock into her mouth while I darted my finger in and out of her wet pussy.

After changing positions I had her on while I finger fucked her cunt with three fingers. I began to explore towards her asshole with my finger. Using juice from her wet pussy as lube, I began fucking her ass with my finger. She made pleasure noises, so I began rubbing my rock hard cock between her ass cheeks and she didn’t complain.

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I then pushed the end of my cock into her ass and she groaned with pleasure, so I slowly forced my entire 8″ length into her ass and she pushed back as if she wanted more. As her ass softened up, I thrust in and out. Eventually she had a huge orgasm, forcing me to pull out. She turned over and I knelt above her, jerking off until I shot my load all over her tits. After that I fucked her ass as often as her pussy.

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