From Crush to Crushed


There was a certain tomboy in my class that I had a crush on over the years. She had big boobs and a nice ass but covered it all up with baggy shirts and jeans. I always saw beyond the baggy clothes and I secretly always wanted to know how fucking a tomboy would feel. I always stole glimpses of her and she always laughed whenever she caught me but I was not brave enough to go and meet her. I didn’t want to risk her slapping me in front of everyone. Then one day, a week before exams, we were all reading in one of our halls till about 7pm. The generator stopped working, refused to come and there was no light. Motivation came from nowhere and I just sent her a note as she cleared her books to go outside the hall to wait for the light to come back on. I told her that her boobs were big and attractive, and I waited for the worst to happen. Next thing I got was a return note, “Do you want to suck on them?” I replied hurriedly, “It will be my pleasure.” She unbuttoned her shirt in the dark, pulled up her bra and let her boobs out. I sucked and sucked with the fear that if the light came on, we were finished because all my classmates were right outside. Next thing, she pulled down her baggy shorts and said, “fuck me quickly.” I fucked her on one of our lecture tables in the dark. I had to finish quickly because of the excitement. We dusted ourselves off and walked out the hall sweaty but acted like nothing happened.

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P.S. I ended up dating that tomboy for six months.

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