I’m thirty year old Ifeanyi; this na my hoe story😁

Well, this happened a couple of years ago. I was shagging my friend’s girlfriend at the time: I met her in his house. The guy calls me banker (I actually work in a bank). Because of that, the girl started showing interest (You know, working in a bank used to be a huge thing then😏).

One day, I went over to his house. He left soon after I arrived to address some stuff, but I stayed behind to chill. His girl came over to chill to, and we began talking. I noticed she kept complaining about my friend’s inability to take proper care of her (alleged). Lol… So as a friend, I started dishing advice… That’s how she came close to me and sat down. Man! The tits felt too close. Nice scent, skimpy dress accentuating her curves.  My libido went through the ceiling; couldn’t help it.konji set in asap. Not my fault.

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After this, she wanted to hug, saying she wa about to leave— bad idea. My dick was dead hard. We hugged for a minute and… Sorry buddy. I couldn’t hold it. I leaned in and kissed her, and she returned it. She pulled down my pants, went for my dick and then gave me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten— I was literally shivering. Not wanting to be outdone, I set her down on his couch and licked her pussy good. Oshey score na 1-1😁. Omo, we fucked like bunnies that afternoon.

From that day till I packed out of that area, every weekend became an away match.

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