I Fucked My Friend’s Girlfriend And She Loved It!!!


So it all happened when I went to see my friend in his hostel, back then in school. He always told me about his girlfriend but I never had the opportunity to meet her. Luckily for me, I met with her that evening and we got talking. The conversation was lit As fuck and BOOM! she kissed me!! Honestly, I didn’t understand what was happening but based on sharp guy, I decided to reach for her pant region and I found nothing under her skirt😂😂😂.

Without wasting time, I raised up the skirt as though my life depended on it and started hitting that pussy asap without waiting to get any further signal from her. I slipped in raw and was smashing this chick’s pussy brutally while looking at the window to see if my guy (her boyfriend) would show up but he didn’t.  When we were done fucking, I asked her where he went and she said tutorials. I later left even before he returned and I never saw this chick ever again!

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