The girl I’d straff over and over again


Okay. Here goes: My ex-gf and I had been dating for almost a year but we never even kissed nor made out. She was a level below me and she’s a hot and fine yoruba girl. Anyways, we went on a vacation for the session and on resumption, she came to school to see me ’cause she wasn’t ready to resume fully at the time. She intended on going back that day. When she saw me ehn, see kiss wey i chop!!! I no fit forget am. She literally dragged me to a corner and we kissed like it was heaven. 😏😏☹😏
We ended up chilling till evening then she said she will sleep at her cousin’s house in the school there (cousin is doing Masters). Then, she asked me if I would come. Ha! I just shrugged and I was like nothing will happen jare. I was like okay na.
Fast forward to nighttime. We laid on the same mattress in the sitting room of the cousin’s apartment and mehn, I dunno what came over us that day. We made out as if there was no tomorrow. Though, we had other episodes after that day, we broke up almost a year later due to distance and other stuffs but mehn I’m so going to marry her. ‘Cause with her, every night would be lit.

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