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My Girlfriend Never Sucked Me This Good …… But Her Friend Did.


My girlfriend at the time, introduced me to a friend of hers and her friend is a cool low-key freak (I didn’t know this then). So my girlfriend and I were having issues and we weren’t on good terms. A friend of mine was having a party and I invited my girls’ friend as my plus one (low-key, of course). When she came to the party, she was acting cool and calm at first, then I made her take a few shots and shared a blunt with her, and that was when she started displaying. She started dancing and grinding on my dick, I took her to the room and started kissing her. She kept trying to stop because of my girl being her friend and all that, I calmed her and told her not to worry that no one will know about it, just us. She started kissing me back, she unbuckled my belt and started sucking my dick. To be honest, even my girl didn’t suck my dick that good. When I tried to hold her, she’d tell me to stop that she is in control. That’s how after sucking my dick from all angles, she put the dick in her pussy and started riding me until she started cumming. She let me fuck her from behind and that’s how we fucked all through the night. Till now, that night has remained a secret between us even after I broke up my girlfriend. They are still friends though but that was the best sex I’ve ever had, she was so good. I still plan on fucking her again though..

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