Girlfriend Snatcher


Okay so in secondary school in was doing this babe. She was short but had massive T!ts so in my head I’m like I have to get this babe on my list so we started talking after sometime I started hearing gist that she had broken up with her boyfriend  because of me so at first I’m like “baba  holllup I hope I’m not thinking about dating her” because  I just wanted to smash and pass and I was in ss3 and she was in ss2. So me I started winning the babe over knowing fully well that she liked me. So then I was like let me try my luck and bring s#x up while we were chatting one day to my surprise I got an A+ response and she became a constant so we started doing business that’s when one night  we went behind a building  and did all the shit we wanted that night it’s as if she was in beast mode the shawty just zipped down her dress and asked me if I’m hard and little Ceasar had been standing for sometime now she gave me the best head ehn after we smashed we continued together for some time till her mother saw her phone the woman called me and said she was going to bring police to my house for child molestation  and I should get ready to be rapped in prison lucky I didn’t give the babe my address and she was too proud to take it from the school so it passed but that was the last I heard from the babe.

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