The Glorious Front Porch


Here’s my hoe story…

Well I had this neighbor that I had been eyeing, crazy sexy, her boobs looking perky all the time. I couldn’t do shit because she was my sister’s friend and I didn’t want trouble.

Fast forward 8 months down the line, after various eye-fucking episodes, she and my sister stopped being friends so I decided it was time to take action. I started psyching the babe and after a month were were kissing in her room, but then her roommates came back and my roommates were around as well. We decided to take the action outside. My landlady had just gone out for a night vigil so we moved to her front porch and got down.


I swear I spent at least 5 minutes sucking her boobs, and since we were in public, there was no time for any other thing. I went straight in and this babe was riding me, I normally don’t go raw but in this case, man had no choice. This young babe was dealing with me, shit felt so good. As the moans got louder, I had to place my hand over her mouth to muffle the sound before the security guards were alerted. I came hard and finished, we both swore to do it again but with more privacy and time to explore each other.

It was a wild night for me! Till this day, I get a boner anytime I walk past that porch.

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The end!

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