I got banged with a dick too long for my own good


Few years back when I was in my finals, 2015 to be precise, I followed a friend to her bf’s house cos I was extremely bored and we just concluded first semester exams. On getting to the dude’s house, I was introduced to a guy named Femi. Immediately we got introduced, this guy refused to give me breathing space; asking questions and stuff! We all decided to play PS and since it was only car race I knew how to play, we took turns with the pad and it was fun…

We were drinking, listening to music and the whole atmosphere was cool. The plan was to spend 3days but we ended up spending 7days! On the 6th day, after our normal routine of playing games, listening to music, eating, drinking and dancing; we were bored and I suggested that we play Truth or Dare. The game was interesting and I was getting high because I was drinking too much as a result of trying to avoid some dare questions.
Things started getting serious when my friend dared FEMI to play with his dick for 3 mins. This guy’s dick was massive and long, it was as if my friend should ask him to play with himself for more than 10mins. When it was my turn, I dared Femi to go naked.
He did and I just couldn’t get my eyes of his dick, we were all high already. As if my friend knew the crazy thoughts on my mind, she dared me to give him a blow job which I did happily 😁 We all got so fucking high, had to excuse myself and immediately I got to the room I slept off.


Next thing I felt was warm water on my body and one strong hand gripping me tightly while the other was soaping my body. Femi actually undressed me while I was sleeping and took me to the bathroom to bathe me, I was just doing like someone that the brain has been flashed like a phone memory, started asking stupid questions
He took me back to the room and gave me a big top to wear. Asked me if I needed anything and I said I wanted to drink more. He refused and said he’ll make coffee. He made the coffee and my tipsy self actually spilled the whole thing on the floor and mistakenly broke the cup, injuring him in the process. My eyes actually cleared when I saw the blood.

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Apologized to him but he was just cool about it and blamed himself. I treated the wound with spirit and cotton wool and asked if he doesn’t mind us drinking more alcohol since we were unable to sleep. That was how we both started another drinking session and before we knew it, we were kissing and grabbing each other like perverts.
I was in a hurry to satisfy myself with his dick but this dude took his time to eat me out and fingered me like crazy. The sex was awesome and the moaning was out of this planet. My friend had to bang on the door to tell us to reduce the noise but who cared. After the whole sex thing shaa, I felt like a Hoe in the morning and couldn’t look Femi in the eyes notwithstanding the fact that he was extremely nice the next morning. I blocked Femi’s number after I left there and I haven’t seen him since then.

The end.

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