Grocery Fuck ;)


Hoe stories are the best stories- so here goes mine:

I went to the store to get groceries for the next day. I got in there at about 8 minutes to the closing time. Luckily for me, the cashier I have the biggest crush on, (by crush, I mean someone I would like to fuck) had her shift on so I figured this was my chance. We weren’t strangers to each other. We had exchanged numbers but never really communicated.

I knew the store was about to close and I also knew she lived pretty far away, but I still offered to wait with her at the bus stop. She then informed me that she would love it if she could spend the night at a location close to the store because she had to be at work at 7:30am and it was pretty late. I offered to get a hotel room for her and she agreed. I booked her a room, we had a nice conversation but what was really on my mind was fucking her. So instead of beating around the bush I asked her if I could explore her body. She said she was tired and needed time to rest, but next week would be fine. As I was about to go, I kissed her softly and she moaned a little.

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That was when I knew she wanted me and was welcoming me in.  She pulled down her jeans and put my lips to her pussy lips. I could feel her legs shaking as my tongue was swirling around her clit. I finally got what I wanted and I wanted to do was pleasure her even more. I grabbed her and I sucked on her nipples and tit-fucked her. I had to hurry back home because I had people waiting for me. I asked her if next week was still up, and she said yes. Ah, can’t wait for another grocery fuck.


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