He dated me for 4000 GH Cedis Bet.


​So I was dating this guy. He asked me out on valentines day. And because my friends spoke so highly well of him , I said yes to the proposal. The first and second were quite shaky but it was amazing. He took good care of me .
Later after some time, I found he was cheating with 5 different girls but I kept it on a low. Didn’t want to tell or ask him. Later, he began behaving bad towards me and plus d fact that he was still cheating I got so pained and I decided to cheat back with a good friend of mine who was also d same person my bf hated with passion.

When I cheated, I kept it on a low. The cheating was continuous. Later on, I noticed that the number of girls he was cheating increased from 5 to 7 and he behavior to me was soo poor. I later made it known to him that I was cheating. He got mad and began spreading rumors about me. That I was a slut, a gold digger, an opportunists and some other ones. I got mad and went to confront him when he was with his friends and the confirmed that they were all lies that I’ve never asked him for money, and he doesn’t spend on me too much etc… I also threatened him with my proof of him cheating. And also to release all d nudes sent to him by the girls he was cheating on. So he made sure the whole issue died down.

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A month later, I found out he just dated me for a bet for cash ( that he will date me for exactly 3 months then all his 8 friends will give him 4000 GH cedis.

But oh well, I’m living my life wella.





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