Pls keep me anon oo
When I was in ss3 during my neco period my girlfriend went home for the weekend and unluckily for me I could see my friends making out with their babes. I felt so lonely so I approached one babe with large fits and we got talking after a while I put my hands on her ass and when I saw she didn’t complain I started rubbing her breast and squeezing it. Damn!! Those boobs were so soft. Sha we later went to an empty class cus I didn’t want anyone to see me and go and report to my babe when she gets back
From there this girl started squeezing my d**** then she brought it out and sucked the hell out of me when she was done I then fingered her and returned the Favour of sucking and since that day I was secretly giving her till we graduated. I really enjoyed myself that day tho
Pls keep me anon

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