I just want to share my most memorable sex experience… Early this year my guy came to visit me in my school, before then we haven’t seen for almost 4months. Was missing the dude like crazy, looking forward to seeing him, konji too aff wire me 😫
The day he got to my place, a friend of ours came around (girl), we all got chatty and all but deep inside konji aff finish me. I was just waiting for the aunty to stand up and leave but the gist no gree. I had to look for another means to distract… I was pressing my phone, paying less attention to them. Within 5mins aunty got the memo and stood up saying she needed to step out. In my mind I was like.. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
As she motioned towards the door, I stood up immediately to lock the door, no time to waste.
After locking the door I started removing my cloth, my guy was laughing at me. πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
Fast forward… He ate me goooooood, dicked me down nice. There came a point he was “ramming” his dick into my “cat”. I didn’t know when I started crying 😭. He stopped *dick still inside* ,looked into my eyes and asked why I was crying, was I in pain? πŸ˜₯There was no pain at all, I’ve just missed him too much and then the intense penising was just too lit. 😝. He smiled, we continued. Can’t remember how many rounds we went, it can’t pass three tho. We didn’t even know when night came, it was that good.
Keep me ANON. Thank you sir.

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