My Hoe Experience With A Senior


Back in 100 level, I was still a virgin and I was embarrassed about it lowkey. To make matters worse, I was in a private university, LU to be precise. My guys and I would always see pretty babes around the campus but to walk up to them was an issue because we were freshers.

A friend of mine from secondary school introduced me to a babe in 300 level at the time but she’s currently a graduate. Honestly, I don’t know whether it was love or lust, but  I remember the first thing that popped into my head was to fuck her.

To cut the long story short, we got closer. I thought she would look down on me as a 100 level guy but I was quite mature, I even had beards.

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One faithful Saturday, I had been telling her to do tutorial for me in MATHS 111, despite the fact that we were in different department. She claimed to be really good at maths so we got to the college building, went to a corner and sat down together. When she started the tutorial, nothing was entering my head.

I was having sex fantasies about different fuck scenes, so much so that I was turning myself on.

She noticed the bulge in my trousers and asked what was wrong, I told her what was in my mind, I had no idea that she had plans of her own. From maths to solving the elevation on my 🍆, as soon as she touched me the hoe  that had been suppressed came out and we started real calculus.


We started making out but we were not comfortable with the class so we changed location. Her head game was 💯, I told her I wanted to give her head too but said she couldn’t strip fully in case we had to run away.

Anyway, we had a quickie and I enjoyed it. We continued with our tutorial after that. After exams, we still fucked steady.

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