How I Tamed The Cougar


I’ve been attracted to this milf for a while now and fate made us cross paths at a function. Homeboy just tried his luck and boom, we were a thing.

Fast forward to a day at Ikeja City Mall (ICM), it was raining so we had to chill in my car till it stopped. I did something earlier that pissed her off and she was grumpy; in the process of pleading I became ‘handsy’ and touched her thighs😏. I moved closer to her pussy and she didn’t stop me or resist; I just started exploring her inner thigh and pussy area, she was still forming unlooking but once I began rubbing and teasing her clit hood while fingering her wet pussy she sharply dragged me to the back seat…I lost a button from my shirt to that pull, she was really turned on. We got passionate and kissed deeply, our tongues dancing together, I moved down her neck slowly to her boobs and sucked them like there was no tomorrow. I continued fingering her and I felt her pussy tighten when she came on my fingers.

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The farthest we went tho was humping because it was impromptu and I didn’t have a condom on me. She was really fired up and extremely wet; she stroked my hard dick through my trousers.

Little did we know that the jeep was parked close to the exit so people leaving could clearly see what was going on inside the car, she noticed this later but I couldn’t care less . She is one of the top two babes I have seen with the cleanest and neatest pussy of all time.

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