Hey my hoe story. It all started very normal
I was initially meant to meet this guy who was like my fuck buddy and we usually meet on a regular just to have sex but that particular night he canceled I was soo horny I didn’t know what to do. So my ex who was texting me to come over called me and I jumped at his offer I went to his place that night and we had sex all night long till the next morning I was exhausted. I got back home and my fuck buddy called me that morning saying he was sorry for canceling and he was coming over that morning I panicked I quickly showered and when he came over we went for over 5 rounds. I did not know where the energy came from. I thought that was it for the day but apparently it wasn’t. There was this guy I had met a few weeks earlier at a club and he was soo cute. he called me to come over with some friends to just drink and chill but we all know what that means. So anyways I couldn’t say no, in my mind he would get the wrong idea cause he had invited me multiple times earlier and I had refused saying I need to get to know him better etc. so my friends and I went and I decided to form big girl and started taking shots back to back. I was wasted. He started trying to make out with me saying I should come to his room and sit down and etc, I was forming no stop my friends are outside and etc. we eventually got to the room and we started talking and he starts kissing me in all the right places it was like he awakened my body cause next thing I was responding and he got out a condom and we had sex that night. My friends couldn’t believe I had sex with 3 guys in 24hrs and neither could I.

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