I fucked my Dad’s Friend


I have been eyeing this man fr a long time now nd I know he has been eyeing me too.. He’s in his 40’s,so on this special day my father sent me to go nd deliver a file to him…. I got to his house he was alone.. I knocked damn zaddy he was in his boxer gosh…

He was looking hot… I guess he just came out of the shower… Btw I greeted nd gave him d file as I was about leaving he asked me why so fast I said nothing really… So we got talking tho before u know the hoe in me came out I was on top of his hard dick, oga started squeezing my brezz…, deep kiss follow..

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Nna d chemistry was strong na me off pant by myself.. Nobody has ever fucked me d way that nigga fucked me… See big dick with veins… We did missionary… But we’re he got me was wen he flipped me over for missionary … I can’t remember how many times I came… Bottom line is I enjoyed he especially d way he squeezed my brezz… Amazing after then I dust my ynash carry my body dy go house…

Few mins later I received alert from him… Because he has once sent me money wen I was in schl so he has my details… I use d money go cool my sef😭😭😭

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