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A lady took to twitter to narrate how she has been helping her boss cheat on her husband and now the husbands wants her to himself. Her story thread goes thus:

My Boss was having sex with her BF, she told me not to let anyone in so I locked it frm outside,and went out for lunch, when I got back I saw her Husband by the reception, he asked after my boss. I told him that she went out. He was about leaving when he heard her voice ‘Oh Mike we had a great time, when am I seeing you again’ He looked at me, went to her office and knocked.

And she was quite. He knocked again and she said ” I tot I told Asikia not to let anybody in” Then he said ‘Sugar, is me’ I was just passing by, wanted to supp. Wanted to surprise you. (At this point I had goose bumps all over me, I felt like the ground should hurry me) she didn’t say a word either. then I told him Sir, Mike is inside. I told her to help me talk to him about our love life, he’s not been treating me right, I didn’t want anybody to interrupt, Mike is my BF and I love him so much,I’m so sorry.

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Then, I opened the door, thanked my boss, went straight to mike and kissed him, (a Guy I detest so much) told him “I love yu so much” and I took him away. Just to save her marriage, Behold her husband got her a FOREVER 21 6″ Heels for a wedding they’re to attend by the weekend. That was the surprise he came in with. Her Husband till now still don’t understand what happened that day. He keeps asking me about mike anytime we meet, he even give advice on how I can love him more. Β Been working with my Boss for the past 4 years now and she sees me as her Best friend. The point now is HER HUSBAND FINDS ME VERY ATTRACTIVE, HE KEEPS CALLING AND TEXTING ME. I REALLY don’t know what to do about this, I swear!!

He keep saying stuff like: my wife is too busy, she can’t make love to me anymore, she is either tired at night or has headache. My boss will be tired yes!! cos she got a new bae who is 2times bigger than her husband and he smashes light out of her. But seriously my boss been enjoying her new BF now that she pays me well, I work as her PA, Secretary and her partner in crime, but there’s a problem. The problem is not about her, her BF or Husband.. The problem here is her pregnancy text result was POSITIVE. I tell u, and her hubby is…


While I was typing this story, I got 12 Missed calls from my Boss. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I thought she saw this story online, I was so scared, I didn’t pick up, then she sent me a text…. ”Askia,when I’m I supposed to meet our media partners tomorrow morning. What time??

My Boss is pregnant, and her husband will fly her Abroad to have the baby. In the mean time, I’m yet to know who the father is.. The story will continue in January, when I see who the baby looks like.. I’m @asikiyageorge54 thank you all for reading.

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