When i was in second year i had this final year chic I was friends with. One night she sha called that she wanted to come over.. first chic that was coming to my crib to see me(my niggas been sha dey bring chics come my room for knacks.. sad shii).she sha came and my friends were outside talking.. she went to say hi.. me I didn’t even look at their side…was prepping my mind for how to off bra…she came in… we talked… she na came to lie down beside me on the bed….somehow somehow yarns sha led to body structure… novice me na said as i med student that I go like understand more about female anatomy… she laaughheed….bra came off later after persuasion and saying it’s for the good of science 😂 .. was an a cup but a bro didn’t bring in book knowledge to go back now…was sha sucking brezz like she owed me money….

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Rain started falling I was na sure that she wasn’t going to her hostel that night…. next thing person start dey knock for door…i no even ans…..my bastard friends were sha knocking that rain was falling and they had nowhere to go… me i dinor even send…after knockinggg…she wore cloth and said i should open door for em….tears full my eyes…. me and her slept on the bed…they on the floor…. i was just cursing em…

Around midnight i sha felt hand in my trousers…. my heart was gladdened 😂 … sha fingered her and held her mouth…side to side typa shii … told her to climb on top…. but at that moment devil decided to make one of my friends move….sha had to make do with fingering and handjob…cuddled till morning… escorted her back to her hostel before my friends woke up… funny enough seems they slept through every thing….. sha made sure nobody used my room for shii as payback 😝

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