I’m Just A Girl With Needs


I got to meet this tall guy via my friend’s bbm because she used my photo as her display picture and he was interested. We got talking and flirting from then on and I didn’t know how to tell him that I just want to fuck because my boyfriend was out of the country then. It was my first time of cheating, I was anxious, excited and extremely wet whenever we called each other.

After a month of being coy, I decided to just go for what I wanted. Guys do it all the time right?? I called him up and asked point blank,

“What are you interested in? Relationship or you just want to hook up because I’m in a relationship and I just want to have fun. That’s all!”

He agreed.

So the following day, we met at his place, talked for one hour then he kissed me. I could feel his touch vibrating all over my body, the kiss deepens, I move my hands to his waist meeting his tongue with the same intensity he met mine with. Now I’m feeling his hardness and it’s so exhilarating, we made it to his bed, he’s sucking my boobs and fingering my already wet pussy. I’m moaning, trying as much as I can not to scream out loud and I feel my whole body shaking, then he stops.

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I stand up and I could see that naughty look on his face, I kiss him while stroking his dick then whispered that I wanna taste him. He is in my mouth and I’m licking him all over, using my tongue to play with his balls, he’s fucking my throat, I could hear him moan then I stop, push him to bed and start riding him. The feeling was delicious, his dick felt amazing inside me, his grip on my ass, with him spanking me and me going up and down, twisting, caressing my boobs with one hand and holding on to him with the other. I could feel the sensation building all over my body and I came really hard with him cumming after me.

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Lying on his chest panting, nothing else mattered. I was just a girl with my needs met, and satisfied. I took a nap then left his place. I didn’t hook up with him again because my boyfriend came back the following week…and that’s my hoe story!


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