Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Hello! I just thought it would be nice to share my own hoe story. I met this girl at an LXG party, and we started to roll together and to be honest, all we did was bang bang bang! If we could have had sex all year, we would have. She called me everyday and we met up and got into business. This other day, when she came around, she asked me I thought I was freaky enough and I said that I was. She indicated that only time would be able to tell that. We continued our relationship but after that conversation, she begun to get more aggressive. Anytime we fucked, she would hit me at times and I would just ignore it. She started telling me to spank her and things like that. Quite surreal eh? Well, the next time we met was very awkward and she asked me if I liked it.. I replied, saying, “a lot”. Then she insisted that we have the kind of relationship that I like. And I obviously accepted. We went to her place, and she stripped naked right in front of me. I kept staring at her and she informed me that she would love to have her bath and I told her to take a time. She looked a lot different from the way I imagined; she was curvier and a lot thicker. She came out and fixed herself up and she just kept her knickers on. I stood up, held her and I started playing with her nipples, and grabbing her boobs. The feeling was great. She turned around and kissed me. We kept making out and while I kept rubbing her pussy. I kept kissing her and making sure she was whimpering at my every touch. “Oh I love this girl” – is what I screamed in my mind. She asked me if I had a condom and of course I did, I put it on and she sat on my dick. Her pussy was very tight.

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While fucking her, she kept moaning my name and telling me to go easy. My dick isn’t that huge but she loved every moment of it. We switched positions numerous times, and it was just the best. We fucked for so long and three rounds later, we were both exhausted.  She was my first in ABU and my best too!!

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