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There is this girl my friends and I were very interested in, at school. A certain day, our paths crossed at the bank outside of school. After we were done, she said she was hungry so I decided to take her to an amala joint near my house. One gist led to another and we were already at my house, we had sex. (I didn’t even last 5 minutes because I was rushing). She left my place and as soon as she got to her hostel, she sent me the most embarrassing text of my life, calling me a weak guy. I, immediately, started to beg her for a rematch but she refused. Two months later, I was at my parents house and then this babe called me up saying that she would love to eat amala, if i’m around. I got ready so fast and I left the house very quickly. She came to my house first, and long story short, it was my dick she was interested in having down her throat. In my mind, I wanted to redeem myself from the last time we had sex together. I made her cum three times and she started begging me to stop. I told her until she apologized for the text she sent the other day, I wouldn’t stop. We were in the room till 9pm that day, and she finally confessed that I was the best fuck of her life.

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