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I’ve been going to my girl’s house recently to hook up because she has complained about my noisy troublesome roommate. While there I do tutor her younger sister and help out with assignments. We are of the same age but my girl is older.

So last Wednesday I was horny so I went over there to fuck with my girl But on getting there she says she stressed and I should just leave her alone Then she left the house to God knows where with nothing to hold man So I decided to teach her younger sister as I usually do. Into the lesson she begins to ask me questions that’s because she can see I’m not happy. Small time we started discussing about me and her sis telling her she doesn’t want to fuck.

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She jokingly said maybe it’s not big thats why. I con dey try defend myself as man That’s how this girl grabbed my dick man. Suddenly suddenly bring it out and start sucking. Like play I close book fuck this girl and it was soo good. Now she’s been coming to my place telling her sis it’s study we’re doing😂

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