Lit Sex with My Married Neighbour


My story goes as follows, I just moved to a new apartment and there was this particular woman that was extra nice, she kept giving me deep glances any time we bumped into each other but I don’t think anything of it cos she’s married with kids and basically my mind was innocent lol. So one day my gen was on and I was relaxing in the living room naked then some knocks on the door and looks thru the window, she saw me naked and well my dick get happy at every random time. So I put on my jeans and open the door, she wanted to charge her phone, funniest part was like she said why did I throw on my jeans that she liked what she saw. I smiled and paid no mind. Collected her fine charged and gave have back once I put off the gen. Few days later same thing happens but she insisted she wants to come in cos it was hot a d she wanted to chill under the fan, which was pretty logical, so I let her in and at the point the compound In usually empty, she comes in, relaxed on the bed, I didnt close the door but she insisted I did and as soon as I did she pulls her skirt up and starts fingering her self…SHIT!!!


I was shocked, perplexed but was enjoying the sight, before I could hold my self my dick was bulging in my joggers, she then moves close to me, pills down my joggers and started giving me head, her head game was MAD! Shet, I was in la la land, I don’t even fight it, I pushed her back on the bed and took off her shirt and t-shirt so quick it was like a scene from porn matrix lol that’s how I was giving her o, next thing she pushes me off her than climbs up to ride, mhen she freaky die, better riding, in my mind I was single the ‘let me be your horse’ version of limpopo, from riding me I pushed her off and bent her over, damn her ass was like a real good work of art from the angle.

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Need i forget to mention even with 3 kids her pussy was damn tight sweet, na so we do o till there was a knock on my door, I froze, my dick shrunk immediately, oh boy I was worried but it turned out to be a lil kid from another compound who came to charge some phones.

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