My Little General Went To War


There was a time we went for a Ghana trip, I was 15 at the time. On our way there, there was this girl I started talking to on the plane and any time there was a small turbulence, she would cling on to me. I didn’t take it seriously but then throughout the trip we became really close. On the last of the trip, we had a send off party. It was a bit boring so she suggested we go to my hotel room (two other guys shared the room with me). We got there and we were talking, laughing and finally our eyes locked. I got a bit skeptical because she was looking at me a certain way and then I felt her hand on my thighs and my heart was beating really fast. I didn’t know what to do as I was inexperienced in this aspect, she leaned in and started kissing me. She was so good at kissing, so I started relaxing. I still didn’t know what to do but she was making all the moves. Finally, I decided not to be the girl but to be the man so I moved my hands to her boobs. I started caressing them and she let out a satisfactory moan. I gained a bit of confidence so I started to kiss her back, my little general was so excited so I removed her shit, she took off my pants and gave me an amazing blowjob. I lost myself (I still dream of this day), I turned her over and tried my best to giver her head but it was below par (I was an amateur). I think she didn’t want to hurt my feelings so she was moaning, however, I knew she was being modest.

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After about three minutes of that, it was time for the little general to go to war, I entered her slowly, she yelped and I started gaining speed. Five minutes later, I came (I know it was not a good session but it was my first time, can’t blame me). I was a bit disappointed with myself because she wasn’t satisfied so I took a little time to recharge myself and I came back stronger. For round two, it was a good comeback but I still sucked in the oral department. Needless to say, we became close after that day, even though we never had sex again, we still did other things together, if you know what I mean.

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