#AHoeStory👙 – I went to owerri town to buy electronics, a t.v specifically. On my way back I met a girl in the bus who I’d never met before. She was so fine with big boob’s and ass. I introduced myself and we got talking.. Wen we got to my bus stop she said she wanted to know my place so we went home together. As soon as we entered my apartment she started kissing me and I responded. Next thing I undress and put my hard dick in her mouth she sucks me until I cum. Then I give her head and she cums too. Then we fuck.. I fuck her so well that she screams.. She begs me for anal and I give it to her..she spends the nite with me and we fuck again like 4 rounds..she leaves in the morning without collecting a dime from me even when I offered her 3k. Since that day I’ve never set my eyes on her again.

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