She Made Me Cum at The Cinema While Others Were Watching a Movie.


I met this chick in our FUTA (Federal University of Technology, Akure) shuttle bus (futa o.g’s can relate) back then in first semester and she was carrying a load. When we were about to alight, I helped her carry her luggage to her hostel.  We were talking  as we walked.  When we got to her hostel, as an ‘o.g’  wey I be, I had my guy’s  iPhone 6 that day so I used the iPhone to collect her number. ‘She don fall for me’  😂😂. We started chatting on WhatsApp then advanced to sexting & naughty phone calls for like 7 months .

Fast forward to my 2nd semester,  I told her to follow me to the mall to watch a movie, Ghen ghen!!! Na there the action start oo!
At first, we were eating from the same popcorn bowl then my popcorns mistakenly started dropping on her fresh thighs, ooh LA LA!

Those thighs were goddamn fresh!!!

I sha started picking them up and eating the popcorns that fell on her laps. Maybe she intentionally dropped popcorns on my jeans too ooo,  I dont know but we started eating popcorns from eachother’s thighs.  That’s how  my hands started moving  slowly in between  her laps and she no talk, chei! ‘na green light be this’ so I continued.  Y’all know cinema halls are dark as the devils crib itself so I confidently slid my sinful hands down to her panties and shifted it to the side. You know,  it’s funny what just a single finger can do when konji don hold you down. So my fingers started performing their wonders and she started moaning but thanks to the Dolby surround sound, nobody heard anything. I worked that pussy for some good 15 mins but she refused to climax so I just whispered to her ears “babe reciprocate the favour my damn hands are weak”. And that’s how she brought out my rock-hard dick and held it in her hands. Thank goodness  we sat at the back so nobody knew what was happening, she rubbed my dick so good that I came under 5mins. It was the best feeling ever, I swear!  I  was touching her pussy and her boobs at the same time as she was stroking me…

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To cut the long story short, when we left the cinema hall and were on the way home,  I  decided to give her the N3000 I had on me for a job well done. She rejected it though, telling me it’s nothing. Up till now,  whenever  I see her around, I always pray to God that the next time I call her for us to go out, ‘make money dey my hand’.  I will lodge her in a hotel and fuck her brains out (with the help of origin and ‘bajinotu’  though).

Thanks y’all, that’s my story.

I’d like to keep the girl anonymous cos  someone might know her 🤣🤣

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