Mans’ Can’t Wait


This happened quite recently. At around 8am, I was on Facebook messenger and then I saw a girl’s story, she put up a picture of hers and she was looking really sexy. I replied to the story saying that “I like what I see”.. She asked me what I saw, and I said a fat ass and a sexy waist. She was very straight forward and told me to “come get it”, that excited me so much so I asked her where she stayed and she told me instantly. I was still trying to get to know her and the next thing she told me was to come over before her parents got back. I obliged, immediately. She gave me her number and said to call her when I get to her street. So we meet up, she walks me into her house and right into her room. I was going through my phone while she ate, when she was done, she joined me on the bed. She didn’t seem too happy because I was engrossed in my phone. It was quite obvious because she wasn’t facing me as she was laying on the bed. I dropped my phone, held her from behind and while she music was playing she was grinding on my dick. Soon enough, mans was rock hard. I, then, extended my hands up to her boobs, rubbing and caressing them. She started moaning, I turned her around and I loved the way she kissed me. She pushed me down to suck on her nipples, which I gladly did. She had her hand all over my dick, and she was stroking it like mad.

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At this point, her bra was off. I took off her shorts and panties and her pussy was very ready for me. I fingered her for a bit, and then she went down on me. While I moaned, she used her hand to cover my mouth. She came on top of me, her pussy really tight, and rode me! We tried different positions till I eventually came. She’s coming over on Saturday, mans’ cant wait.

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