Mile High Club? I think YES!


Okay it all started when I decided to move to the United States. At the airport, I met one of the most beautiful and sexy girl I have ever seen. The moment I saw her, I got a hard-on. I knew I had to approach her, but of course I needed to play my cards right. She looked like she was lonely and I thought what best way to strike up a conversation than to make a pretty girl laugh. I went up to her, and said with confidence what I thought was funny, she laughed and I just knew we connected. During the course of the conversation, she told me her boyfriend cheated on her with her sister.

I begun to laugh because worse stuff has happened, I mean I had a girlfriend at the time but due to the fact I was moving, we had to end things. Sad stuff really, but I didn’t care about that. All I could think of was her lips on my dick and my fingers playing with her clit. For some strange and oddly satisfying reason, I wanted this girl to moan my name. I needed her to moan my name. So I decided to seduce her. It was quite interesting because she let me into her personal space. I started by kissing her neck and then whispering softly what I wanted to do to her. I could tell she had no bra on because her nipples were so hard and ready for my lips.

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She made her way to my dick, and I just knew today was the day I was going to be part of the mile high club. We decided to exchange seats with someone who was beside her on the plane. We first started with teasing each other, her hand massaging my throbbing dick and my hand playing with her clit. She was so wet, I just couldn’t wait to taste her wetness. The tension kept growing and we decided to take it to the washroom. Ahh best trip ever.

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