Hello, I’ve been reading ur stories low-key, I’ll like to share mine…

There’s this girl in my area, she came to my street to see someone and I invited her in; my mum was around and was starting to be suspicious so I asked the girl to leave. My elder brother was in and he liked the girl immediately, he went out to block her and I already knew that I had lost it☹️☹️☹️

Soon she started dating my big bro and was visiting the house on a regular basis and doing those sleep over stuffs😢😢😢, yet I still always had plans to smash her. So one day, Saturday night, she slept over till Sunday; my brother went for 1st service, came back and went to play football. I left the babe at home, went to church (2nd service) but I couldn’t concentrate on the sermon because of konji😟. I had to leave during the preaching and when I got home, she was sleeping.


I went on the same bed, started touching her and she said nothing, reached for the pussy and she said,”STOP!” The D  was rock hard so I started kissing and caressing her till she gave in; I went for the pussy again and she was soaked. I started fingering her and she was giving out all kind of sounds (the hand of God was doing wonders on that pussy). I took off the shorts she was putting on, she said that my brother might come meet us but I dismissed it; he won’t be coming home  anytime soon.

She said I won’t smash because she was already smashing my bro and I said, “Ok, lemme eat your pussy.”

I ate her pussy while fingering her and I can’t remember how many times she came, dunno what cloud she was on, but she didn’t realize I had already taken my clothes off; the D went in and she was like we cant do this (D was in already so there’s no need). She kept screaming, came like 3 times before me, wen i was done, she said the D and the good use of it issa family thing, and i trust my bro already. i went back to church to continue the next service so bro wouldn’t suspect. That’s how she has been smashing the both of us, plus bro’s friend, but bro is not suspecting anything too.

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