My HOEversity Story!!!


Well, this was way back during university days. I had this friend, Let’s call her ‘O’, we were FWBs. Well, before that, she was always forming strict for me, playing hard to get so one faithful day, mans was really high and needed some action and my supposed girlfriend was nowhere to be found. I went to O’s house with mind made up on getting it. We played for hours and every time I reached down to her womanhood, O slapped my hands off.

This continued till midnight. she was restless and couldn’t sleep (that’s how you know they feeling you). I continued making my moves and she was enjoying them till I couldn’t take it anymore. I forced my finger into her pussy and she was wet as fuck! I rubbed her pussy till she was begging me to fuck her. We fucked three times that night till it was dawn. That, was the beginning of one of the best friendships I had in my university days. Anonymous please.

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