Two days ago, I went to my landlords house to gist wit his first son who is on siwes, I din intentionally wear wat I wore, but I wore a skimpy skirt and singlet, we sat down on d ground and watching TV, hosting and laughing, then it got late like 1:30am, he started playing wit my hair, then he touched my ear, he is so cute and his lips so soft, I cudnt hold myself I jumped on him and started kissing

He played with my nipples in d most magnificent way, my whole skirt was literally wet,cus I din wear panties, he fingered me, kissed my neck, carried me and put me on d top part of d chair, and fucked me bang bang

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We took 5 diff positions and came

Before d sex wen I saw his dick ehn I jumped in Joy cus it was as fat as my fist

I never got over it I swear, so yesterday, we chatted, and I asked him to come home early from work so we cud converse abt da day, he din know I was luring him to anoda sex wen he came he sat and I was standing and we spoke, bfor he knew I was on his laps kissing, I gave him mad head and rode him, he begged me to pls stop da he CNT control himself anymore cus I’m too sweet😪

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😂now my pussy hurts

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